Buying a Home – What do I do for you?

Help Arrange Financing.
  1. Assist in locating sources of mortgage loans.
  2. Help you examine how much you can afford but how much you may want to spend.
  3. Assist in comparing different financing options.
  4. Provide information on purchasing incentives that may be available.
  5. Educate and discuss the differences between being prequalified and pre-approved for a mortgage.
Assist in Finding the Right Property.
  1. Identify your needs and wants in a property.
  2. Find appropriate available properties.
  3. Set up an automated e-mail alert system that immediately notifies you of properties that fit your requirements.
  4. Sort through inaccurate information about homes in the area.
  5. Provide ready access to all MLS-listed properties.
  6. Network with other agents for properties not yet in the MLS.
  7. Preview properties prior to showing.
  8. Help select for viewing only those homes that fit your needs.
  9. Aid in narrowing your search until you have identified your top choices.
  10. Assist in analyzing the pros and cons of each property.
  11. Disclose all know latent material defects.
  12. Assist you in evaluating properties for suitability, affordability and re-sale value.
Educate You on Market Conditions
  1. Educate you on whether it is a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market.
  2. Show statistics on what percent of list price the sellers are currently receiving.
  3. Show trends, current average days on market, current absorption rate and/or current months of inventory.
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Five Things to Know Before You Buy

Wether you are buying your first house or vacation property, expanding or downsizing, there are key factors to consider in today’s home buying environment. Knowing the steps will go a long way to ensuring a successful buying experience.

What Are You Comfortable Spending?
As the increase of foreclosures over the past few years shows, responsible and sustainable home ownership should be what home owners should foremost consider. This starts with identifying what you can spend; including down payment, closing costs, mortgage payment and taxes. This is the single most important factor to consider before deciding if home ownership (or moving up) is right. Use online tools like Real Estate Calculators or speak with a financial professional.

Know Your Options and Secure the Right Loan for You.
The mortgage industry has tightened up their credit requirements since the subprime crisis of 2007-2008. There are still mortgages to be had (and at historically low rates) but lenders are looking at your credit history and other factors much more closely. Ultimately, there are still many different mortgage products available for conventional to adjustable. Also note that FHA loans have become an increasingly popular option.

Don’t Do It Alone – Conduct Your Search With the Help of a Professional.
Today’s consumer has more resources than ever at their disposal through many different websites (some more reputable than others). This is a tremendous tool to help your search but be sure to also enlist the assistance of a REALTORĀ®, an expert in the industry who can not only help you narrow your choices but guide you through many of the tough aspects of negotiating and closing your purchase.